The Batch Method { Productivity technique }

Batch as a Verb means to “”arrange in sets or groups””.

In our case we are arranging similar tasks in sets or groups , and performing them one at a time for an increase in productivity. This is the batch method.


You all know , in productivity we all try to do as much as possible in the least amount of time. That’s basically the definition of productivity, but we most certainly do that , yes it is true that we’ve to as much as possible , but we incorrectly associate it with multitasking , but it’s not quite efficient, only 2% of the people are there in the world who can properly multitask , so , if you aren’t in those 2% , you are not being efficient and also , not being a multitasker. Different things require a switch in thought process in our Brain , which means you are investing in thought process on top of the actual task, so if you multi task for different things at once , you are causing your brain to do that thought process more than the required amount, if there are three tasks namely writing an assignment, checking emails , researching for future projects , if you do them. for short periods of times in quick succession, it leads to fatigue. This amount of time you are using inefficiently adds up in the long run. Instead you have check emails , most of them at once , research for future projects , write an assignment at once , this kind of similar things that you do will make you totally closer to flow state , which means even if you don’t reach a flow state , you are totally getting warmed up , getting efficient and quicker in similar tasks, also most of all you do not get fatigued. So this is about task batching.

Benefits of task batching

  • Improves focus.
  • Increases productivity.
  • One experiences less fatigue.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • Less prone to make mistakes.




A Teenager writing about interesting things which provide value.

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Sripaada Pendem

Sripaada Pendem

A Teenager writing about interesting things which provide value.

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