Slowdown……..Please !

In this vast world where things go fast, and everything is sped through a lightning speed, being oblivious to some extent does help.

seeing the little things around you, enjoying the moment, feeling the aroma of flowers along the journey feels kinda satisfying and peaceful.

Today the sun was on top of my head in the afternoon, the atmosphere was really hot, I absolutely wanted to get to my house, so, I waited for the public transport to arrive, I was watching the traffic, cause it’s busy always, suddenly I glanced at the pavement, seeing it’s white in color, I thought, what does white color represents ? It represents peace, my mind gave me an answer. Peace , ha….., What’s peace, I thought to myself ? There was a visual in my mind of me, just casually coming down from outer space to earth with a garden of flower s besides a lake and me sleeping under a tree in that garden.

I was absorbed in that visual with my eyes wide open, and a cozy music playing into my ears.

I never realized that almost a half an hour is passed. My ride to my destination arrived, I boarded out from my slowed down peacefulness.

To everyone reading this, I plea you, to slow down in your life for a few moments, unwind yourself in calm and peace……. and space out into your imaginations.




A Teenager writing about interesting things which provide value.

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Sripaada Pendem

Sripaada Pendem

A Teenager writing about interesting things which provide value.

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