Productivity ?


The generic definition that comes to mind while thinking about productivity is output / input, or at an individual level output / time.

But is it true ? , hmm…… mostly , but is it ? , no.

Let me share some of my experience and also, what I think about productivity.

Trading time vs systems :

Trading time directly for doing work is not fun , let me take the example of me writing and posting a. blog post every week ( I used to do, lol ) do I get my stuff done, yes , but I’m trading time for the results, that’s actually not efficient , there were some days that I was unable to do so before the deadline , but I changed my approach towards my stuff differently.

I started batching my ideas , and writing them down whenever possible for future use in my content creation. Which gave me some time to actively think about stuff that I’m getting out.

I made a systems approach towards my content output , now I’m not trading my time for getting my stuff done , the linear productivity of mine is slowly changing, I’m actually having fun.

Having fun and enjoying the process :

The fun while I’m actively thinking about improving my systems, making them and iterating them to my linking , it’s so much fun , I’m enjoying the process / kinda like going through a journey of making them. Also , having fun is largely subjective, so please think about your own fun thing , haha.

So , what do I think about productivity?

My definition of productivity is ,

Productivity = output / time * systems * fun.




A Teenager writing about interesting things which provide value.

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Sripaada Pendem

Sripaada Pendem

A Teenager writing about interesting things which provide value.

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